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The New & Old Church


 Sipoo old and new church lie only a few hundred meters from each other and together form a unique cultural landscape.

Sipoo old church or St. Sigfrid's Church was built in the 1450s. The medieval grey stone church is a very popular wedding church, and in the summer also services are held in the church. The architect is not known. The architecture differs from other medieval stone churches in Finland, because the choir has three naves, while the rest of the church has two naves. 

In the old church, one can still sense the Middle Ages. In the church there is, among other things, a pillory, and in the arms room (entrance) there is a stocks. The walls and vaults are decorated with paintings painted in the 1400s with red ochre and carbon black.

You can visit the old church virtually in 360° at the Sipoo parish website.

The new church was planned by Theodor Decker, and it is a red brick church mainly in neo-Gothic style. The Church was built when the old church got crowded as the parish grew. The Church was ordained in the year 1885. The Church is used by both the Finnish and Swedish parishes in Sipoo.

You can visit the new church virtually in 360° at the Sipoo parish website.

The old church:
Brobölentie 68 

The new church:
Kuninkaantie 19
Open to visitors on order and at other times when the church caretaker is present.