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Group Tour for 3 Days

Experience the atmosphere of Sipoonkorpi National Park’s primeval forests and the fresh air of the archipelago. Be drawn into the mysterious stories of Old Porvoo and enter the world of rustic flavors.
The unforgettable experiences offered to you by primeval forests and the archipelago wait for you only 30 min
from Helsinki city centre.

Arrival Day

Arrive in Finland!

• Transport from Helsinki Airport/the Port of Helsinki to the hotel
• Hotel check-in
• A four-course welcome dinner at Restaurant SicaPelle, including alcohol-free drinks

Sweet dreams in a boutique hotel

You can stay in comfort at the boutique hotel Pariisin Ville or its sister hotel Onni in the heart of Old Porvoo. The hotels’ idyllic and individually designed double rooms feature a modern bathroom with a shower, WLAN, a TV, a minibar and air conditioning. Some of the rooms also have their own sauna.

The breakfast is made with carefully selected ingredients from the best small local producers. The boutique setting with its beautiful and considered details adds the finishing touches to the breakfast experience.

First Activity Day: Dive into primeval forests and jump into stories of the past

During a hiking trip in Sipoonkorpi National Park, you can dive into the embrace of primeval forests while being led by the experienced guides of Arctic Hike Helsinki. The trip, which includes stories and adventures in nature, will culminate in a fine dining experience that celebrates the flavors of the forest.

• Breakfast at the hotel
• Transport to Sipoonkorpi National Park
• Forest activity by Arctic Hike Helsinki, including the Metsä fine dining experience (4 h)
• Transport back to the hotel
• Free time for the rest of the night

Second Activity Day: Adventures in the archipelago and delicious flavors at a concert dinner

Redrib Experiences will take you on a refreshing archipelago adventure. With the RIB boats, you can reach places that you have only dreamed about. Top-quality equipment and experienced skippers will guarantee that you will experience the archipelago’s enchanting forces of nature safely and enjoyably.

Restaurant Tila is full of rustic charm. The restaurant has a cozy and peaceful feel. Sheep, chickens and other farm animals will greet you together with the hosts. The food is prepared with love and emphasises seasonal flavours and strong culinary traditions. The experience culminates in an intimate room concert dinner in the style of Restaurant Tila.

• Breakfast at the hotel
• Walk to the harbour in Porvoo town centre
• Redrib Archipelago Day activity (4 h), including a small snack
• Walk back from the harbour to the hotel
• Transport to Restaurant Tila for the concert dinner in the early evening
• A five-course dinner, including alcohol-free drinks
• Transport back to the hotel at the end of the evening

Third activity day: A Walk Around the Old Town

The idyllic setting of Old Porvoo has thousands of stories to tell. You can peek past the curtain of time during a guided tour that brings Old Porvoo’s stories to life. You will be taken on an adventure with heroes of the past.

• Breakfast at the hotel
• Meet-up at the hotel lobby and departure for a guided walking tour of Old Porvoo A farewell coffee at a local cafe at the end of the walking tour.
• Transport back to Helsinki Airport/the Port of Helsinki from the hotel in the afternoon.

One-day experiences

Our one-day experiences can fit as parts of a longer tour or as one-day stopovers.

Art goes Forrest - Experience

Art course full of experiences

During the art course, the artist and art pedagogue Tero Annanolli guides you towards creativity through a natural experience in the forest. The course is held in the heart of Sipoonkorpi National Park, with a base camp in Restaurant Tila. During the course, collective art creation is combined with the sensation of succeeding and the resources of the surrounding nature.

As a souvenir, you get to take home your artwork, created under Tero’s creative guidance.

A five-course musical dinner

The course culminates in a culinary and musical art experience.

Tila has a cozy and peaceful feel. Sheep, chicken and other farm animals will keep you company together with the hosts.

The food is prepared with love and emphasises seasonal flavours and strong culinary traditions. The experience culminates in a five-course meal accompanied by a room concert in Tila’s spacious dining hall.

Cooking in the Forrest - Experience

Forest adventures in the wilderness

Sipoonkorpi National Park, known for its primeval forests, peaceful countryside villages and traditional landscapes, offers the age-old magic of Finnish nature right next to the capital city.

The experienced guides of Arctic Hike guide you on an adventure in the fascinating heart of Sipoonkorpi. As the adventure progresses, you get to hear stories and learn facts about the culture and history of the nature around you. The paths wind between swamplands and ancient lakeshore rocks, leading to an old farmyard.

Outdoor cooking in the forest

The hiking trip culminates in a delicious outdoor meal cooked together on a farmyard. You get to prepare an outdoors lunch from the flavours of the surrounding forest, guided by a top chef from Arctic Hike Helsinki.

The menu includes smoked salmon and root vegetables. For dessert, we cook pancakes on the log fire, make a potful of coffee and enjoy the calming flames of the fireplace together.

For prices and other details, contact our Business Coordinator Henna Piilo at henna.piilo(at)