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Muralpainting by Rustam QBic


Artist Rustam QBic has painted a muralpainting that covers a whole house called Aravatalo in Nikkilä (address: Pohjoinen koulutie 1). Muralpainting was created during september 2017 as a part of street art event called UPEA17. UPEA17 collected top artist both from Finland and abroad to paint art in the walls of buildings and public places around Finland. 

Rustam QBic is a known and well renowned artist in the field of urban art. In his art QBic combines modern street art and classic visual arts in a refined way. He emphasizes especially storytelling and harmony of the colours, and plans his art to fit the environment around the art piece. QBic gets inspiration especially from nature, literature and people that are close to him. His artwork creates imaginative characters and dreamlike places which are loved around the world. One can see QBics art pieces for example in Russia, Switzerland, United States and Australia. 

”You have to forget your laziness”

Rustam QBiq has created a painting that covers the whole Aravatalo in Nikkilä.

Where do you come from?

I’m from Kazan in Russia.

Why did you start making mural art?

Already as a child I liked art and drawing, so I went to art school. I had friends who made graffiti art. I tried to do the same, but with my art school background I wanted to do something more than graffiti. I tried different styles and ended making big mural paintings.

So this is not graffiti?

Nowadays it’s difficult to say what is graffiti and what is mural. Many graffiti artists also make murals, they paint characters and situations. So it’s hard to say what is the difference. I think all of it can be called Street Art.

What is the most difficult thing when you paint a wall or a house?

It’s difficult to start, of course. You have a big empty wall. You have to concentrate and forget your laziness. It’s hard to finish it, you have your return ticket in your pocket, you have to finish the work in time. That’s difficult. The process in itself is not hard. I do what I can and what I want to do and I do it well. I have a lot of experience. I know what to do and how much time it will take.

What was your first thought when you got the job and you saw the house?

I thought what to do with the windows and the balconies. I prefer painting on a flat wall, it’s easier.

Did you grow up in a very artistic home?

My family was quite ordinary. My mother is an economist and my father is a construction worker. Both were good at drawing. But during the Soviet time it wasn’t easy to study art. People didn’t have the freedom to decide their own future.

What kind of comments have you got from people walking by?

Most people say Thank you, it’s beautiful.

No negative comments?