Information About the Web Service

This web service is maintained by the Municipality of Sipoo. The municipality's department for tourism and communication is responsible for the contents of the website and also for keeping it up to date.

We make efforts to keep the information on the web site as up to date and accurate as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that the information of the service always is accurate and up to date. The Municipality of Sipoo takes no responsibility for any damage, cost or inconvenience caused by the use of incorrect information.


The web service Visitsipoo.fi uses Cookies to monitor the number of visitors and other traffic. The Municipality of Sipoo does not collect any personally information related to the users of the website Visitsipoo.fi.

The municipality uses Google Analytics primarily to collect statistics on the number of visitors, average time spent on our website and the most popular pages. We use this information in order to develop the website. The municipality cannot identify individual visitors from this information.

Please give us feedback

You can give us feedback by sending an email to visitsipoo@sipoo.fi