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Sipoo is a bilingual municipality, which is located just outside Helsinki and has three centres: Söderkulla in the south, Talma in the north and the municipality centre Nikkilä in central Sipoo. Sipoo is located approximately 30 minutes by car from Helsinki City Centre, as well as from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and Vuosaari Seaport. To reach Porvoo by car takes some 30 minutes from Nikkilä and 20 minutes from Söderkulla.

Public transport or taxi to Sipoo

Sipoo belongs to Helsinki Region Transport (HSL). The HSL buses take you conveniently to Sipoo from Helsinki City Centre. The bus routes that take you from Helsinki to Sipoo are 785, 788, 786, 787, 848 and 841. There are also bus connections between Söderkulla, Nikkilä and Talma. On the HSL website you can search for a suitable route from your current address directly to your destination.

If you take the train, the station closest to Sipoo is Kerava, where you can take a bus or taxi to Sipoo. You can use same ticket for HSL:s commuter train connection and bus connection.

In Sipoo the phone numbers for ordering a taxi are as follows: Nikkilä: +358 9 1066 4130, Söderkulla: +358 9 1066 1150, Advance orders: 0100 7300.

Travelling to Sipoo with own or rented car

By car Sipoo is easy to reach if you take Highway E75 (Lahti Highway) or E18 (Porvoo Highway). Driving around in Sipoo in a car is both easy and safe. There are plenty of free parking spaces around. Route directions for cars can be found e.g. at Fonecta here or at Google Maps here.

Car rental is easy at the numerous rental points at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport or in the Helsinki City Centre. You can also rent a car in Sipoo

Parking areas in Nikkilä: For example Iso Kylätie 18 and 20, Jussaksentie 14, Mixintie
Parking areas in Söderkulla: For example Opintie, Keskustatie

Fill it up:
If you are running out of fuel there are several places where you can by more: Jokivarrentie 29, Pornaistentie 19, Torpantie 2, Eriksnäsintie 131 and Amiraalintie 2.

Do you need a guide in Sipoo?

You might want to go on a guided tour of Sipoo or go places with a personal guide who can provide you with interesting facts. You may also wish to participate in a customized group trip. You can book guides for Sipoo at Porvoo Tours:
Or you can book one of these guides:
Elisabet Lundström,, +358 40 538 4455.
Kaarina Nazarenko,, +358 50 543 3847

In an emergency and in case of illness

The emergency number in Finland is 112. In case you need help in an emergency, please call the emergency number.

In Sipoo there is a local health centre with two branches: the main health station in Nikkilä (Jussaksentie 14) and the sub station in Söderkulla (Terveystie 1). Phone +358 9 2353 6001. In acute cases Nikkilä station can be contacted Mon-Thu 8-17 and Fri 8-16.

During evenings, weekends and holidays Porvoo Hospital is on duty for acute cases, appointments by phone, +358 19 548 2551. In case of an emergency, you should call the emergency number 112.


In Sipoo there are pharmacies in the center of Nikkilä and in the center of Söderkulla. The pharmacies can be found on following addresses: Terveystie 2, Söderkulla and Iso Kylätie 20, Nikkilä.

Inhabitants over 20 000, Land area 340 km², Lakes 3 km², Sea area 356 km²

Sipoo map service:
 The municipality has a map service where you will find places of interest, museums and service points. Go to the map service here.

HSL Journey Planner:
 The HSL Journey planner finds the fastest public transport route between two addresses, and provides you with timetables and bus stops. Go to the Journey Planner here.


The weather in Sipoo:
 Current weather information for Sipoo ( ).

The weather in Sipoo is normally warmest during the summer months (June, July and August). The most magnificent autumn month is October, and the chance to experience snow-covered landscapes is best in January, February and March.

Grocery stores in Sipoo:
There are several grocery stores in Sipoo. In the center of Nikkilä you will find grocery stores at Kaskiniitynkuja and Kaskikylänkuja. In Söderkulla the grocery stores are at Amiraalinkuja and Rautatiekuja.


Relax in Sipoo

How about a ride on horseback in magnificent manor surroundings, a round of golf on a well-tended, 18-hole course or a refreshing boat trip in the clean and beautiful archipelago? Read more!

Downloadable and printable maps

Tourist map (Northern Sipoo)

The foldable tourist map that fits into your pocket contains the most important tourist attractions in Sipoo.

Tourist map (Southern Sipoo)

The foldable tourist map that fits into your pocket contains the most important tourist attractions in Sipoo.

Tear-off map of Nikkilä

The tear-off map of Nikkilä is an excerpt from the guide map, containing various objects in Nikkilä.

Tear-off map of Söderkulla

The tear-off map of Söderkulla is an excerpt from the guide map, containing various objects in Söderkulla.

Map of Sipoo archipelago

The map of Sipoo archipelago contains the recreational areas in the archipelago, marinas in Sipoo and some other destinations and services in the Sipoo archipelago. Welcome to Sipoo archipelago!