Day trip to Norrkullalandet and Östholmen

2019-08-26 03:20 PM

Sipoon saaristo aalto

Sipoo is known as a seafront municipality with a lovely archipelago. Have you ever had the chance to experience it?

Pörtö Line operates in the Sipoo archipelago, between the lovely islands. Norrkullalandet is one of these islands. On Norrkullalandet there is a recreational area, so that anyone can come and enjoy the spectacular nature in the archipelago. There are trails, beaches, cliffs and a scenic tower on the island. There are also a lot of summerhouses and people living on the island, so remember to be mindful of that while on the island. Seasong is also situated in the island. Seasong has a few cabins that you can rent for a couple of nights, and a restaurant/café. You can read more about Seasong by clicking here. It's easy to get out to the island during the summer, even if you don’t have a boat of your own. If you have one, it's also easy! At Norrkullalandet there are two docks where you can leave your boat. One is at Seasong, and is meant for Seasong's customers, the other is a part of the recreational area.

It is easier than you think to get out into the archipelago, so what are you waiting for?

I myself had the chance to tag along on a trip through the archipelago on a chartered boat. It all started with the m/s Matilda from Pörtö Line picking up the group is was with from Gumbostrand harbour. The boat brought us to Norrkullalandet and Seasong. First, we have a short meeting at Seasong, after which we enjoy a delicious archipelago-style lunch with salmon and other delicacies. After lunch there is time to explore the island. Sara and I followed he trails in the woods, and found two sand beaches, with lovely views out to the sea. If we had had beach towels with us, we would had gone for a swim in the fresh sea. There are also barbequing spots on the beaches. Think, how nice wouldn't it be to bring some food to grill with you to Norrkullalandet and sit down to eat while watching the sun set in the sea, after a long day of swimming and sunbathing. Pretty dreamy, right? We didn't have any food with us, unfortunately. I'll just have to come back some other time instead.

The view from the scenic tower at Norrkullalandet. Photo: Mikaela Björkqvist.

The view from the top if the tower was breath-taking. And I wasn't afraid. I'm not afraid of heights, but I do have a healthy fear for falling from unstable places. I've climbed a few scenic towers in my life, but I don’t think a single on of them were as sturdily built as this one. Once we crawled down from the tower and found our way back to the harbour, it was already time to leave for our next destination: Östholmen. Östholmen is an island owned in its entirety by Sipoo municipality, and the island is also a recreational area. Anybody can come to Östholmen to spend a summer day. It is easiest to come to Östholmen with your own boat, as the Pörtö Line boats only seldom stop by the island.

The harbour at Östholmen. Photo: Mikaela Björkqvist. 

Östholmen is a completely uninhabited island, except for occasional campers. On the island there are similar barbequing spots as on Norrkullalandet. On Östholmen there are also beaches and cliffs that are perfect for sunbathing on warm days.

One of the barbequing spots at Östholmen. Photo: Mikaela Björkqvist

After a quick visit on Östholmen our short daytrip is over. m/s Matilda brought us back to where we started, Gumbostrand. And so, the day in the archipelago was over.

Photos from Norrkullalandet and Östholmen. Photos: Mikaela Björkqvist

This blogpost was written by Mikaela Björkqvist in August of 2019, intern at Sipoo municipality.