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Experience the active, different and diverse cultural life in Sipoo! Throughout the year, you can enjoy music, theatre, art and local festivals, often in both Finnish and Swedish.

With interesting and surprising events in every corner of the municipality, you will feel culture bursting about!



Artotheques are places where you can easily get art for your home. In Sipoo you can rent art at the artotheques at the library in Söderkulla, Art Centre Artborg 35 and the Municipal Office.

Works of art can either be rented for a small monthly fee or purchased. The collections of the artotheques include paintings, graphic arts, drawings, sculptures and photographs produced by approximately 45 professional artists.

Söderkulla library: Amiraalintie 2, 01150 Söderkulla
Artborg 35: Pilvilinnantie 2 G, 04130 Sipoo


Lilla Villan

The theatre house Lilla Villan in Nikkilä offers broad cultural activities in both Finnish and Swedish.

Lilla Villan produces live music and concerts as well as professional theatre performances for all audiences; babies, children, young people, adults and the elderly.

Jussaksentie 16, 04130 Sipoo


Topelius Hall

Diverse and interesting cultural happenings are arranged at Topelius Hall. The hall is a place where all audiences can thrive and enjoy events.

The focus is on music and children's events, film, dance and theatrical performances as well as on various professional training.

Pohjoinen Koulutie 2, 04130 Sipoo


Gumbostrand Konst & Form

Gumbostrand Konst & Form is a unique art and events centre in Gumbostrand in Sipoo.

Located by the sea in a genuine factory environment, the centre offers an exclusive collection of Nordic art and design, taste sensations, interior design and gift products as well as an inspiring setting for business meetings and events.

Vainuddintie 72-28, 01150 Söderkulla

+358 (0)50 554 3538


The Library

The library is a popular and appreciated meeting place, where all kinds of knowledge and culture are available. The Sipoo Municipal Library dates back over 150 years.

The library has two outlets, one in Nikkilä and one in Söderkulla. In connection with the library in Nikkilä there is a Municipal Exhibition Hall, with diverse and interesting art exhibitions.

Söderkulla library
Amiraalintie 2, Söderkulla

Main library
Pohjoinen koulutie 2, Nikkilä


Muralpainting by Rustam QBic

Artist Rustam QBic has painted a muralpainting that covers a whole house called Aravatalo in Nikkilä (address: Pohjoinen koulutie 1). Muralpainting was created during september 2017 as a part of street art event called UPEA17.

Rustam QBic is a known and well renowned artist in the field of urban art. In his art QBic combines modern street art and classic visual arts in a refined way. He emphasizes especially storytelling and harmony of the colours, and plans his art to fit the environment around the art piece. One can see QBics art pieces for example in Russia, Switzerland, United States and Australia. 

Adress: Pohjoinen koulutie 1, Nikkilä


Pesula Galleria

Pesula Galleria is a art gallery in the former hospital area in Nikkilä. 

Artborg 35
Pilvilinnantie 2, Sipoo