A roadtrip through Sipoo

2019-06-19 12:30 PM

A roadtrip through Sipoo

Here you'll find a plan for a roadtrip through Sipoo. The easiest way to move around in Sipoo is by car. If you need to rent a car you can easily do it in Helsinki, at Helsinki-Vantaa airport or here in Sipoo. Sipoo and its beautiful nature and even more beautiful scenery is a perfect destination for a daytip. Sipoo is located about 30 minutes east of Helsinki. In Sipoo countryside idyll and old cultivated culturelandscapes define the scenery. The stops along the way that I have planned here are interesting and definitely worth a visit in themsselves, but in my opinion the landscape that you will see from your car window on the way makes the drive easily woth it in itself. 

There are a lot of cool places in Sipoo. Below youll find a few of them listed that are a nice mix to visit during your one day roadtrip through Sipoo. You can drive the route by car or motorcykle, orif you are able to pedal, why not try to make the trip by bike. By clicking this link you can access the entire route.  

Paippinen gas station 

Paipis gas sttion opened in the 1930's and is one of Finlands oldest gas stations. You can no longer by gas at the station as they closed in 1969, but the station building and the old pump are worth a visit. The tiny village, Paippinen, where the pump is located is very beautiful and if you're enjoying the sceneryI would recomend dirving around the area. 

Sipoo church (Sipoon kirkko)

Sipoo church is gothic revival church built in the 1880's. The Church and the surrounding estate is quite a sight whilst driving along Jokivarrentie. 

Sipoo old church or Saint Sigfrid's church

Sipoo old church really is something to see. The medival church was built in the 1450's and with its cobblestone floor and old mural works it is definitly somthing special. The church is filled with history. There is even an old stock used for punishment in the church! On a hot summerday it is really nice to go in to the church because the thick stone walls keep the church nice and cool. 

Both Sipoo church and Saint Sigfrid's church are roadside churches. This means that the churches are open during the summer and it is very easy to come and visit them. There is also a free guides avilible in both churches during openinghours, so if you need help or want to know more about the church, ask away! You can check the opening hours on the roadside churches webpage

Former Hospital Area in Nikkilä

Nikkilä mentalasylum, or Itäinen Jokipuisto, as the neighbourhood is called nowadays is an area cloce to the villagecenter of Sipoo, Nikkilä. The area used to be a hospital for mental patients until 1999. Now the area is remade in to a residental area. A walk though the beautiful area, built in a functionalistic style, is a must on a warm day. The functionalistic buildings in Itäinen Jokipuisto are a wierd mix, as this type of architecture is usually only found in cities. Here the buildings stand out in a rural landscape in a beautiful and wierd way. If you're into atr you can visit Artborg 35 and Galleria Pesula and enjoy the art on display there. You ca read more about the Former Hospital Area in Nikkilä here


Pilvijärvi, meaning Cloud Lake in Finnish, is a real pearl in Sipoo. The lake is a popular spot for sunbathing and swimming during the summers. At Pilvijärvi there is a tiny kiosk, if you want to have a snack while you swim int the warm lake water. The lake and the area around is a nature reserve and there is a trail around the lake that you can walk. If the beach is getting crowded you can hike to the cliffs on the other side of the lake for some peace and quiet. Please note that the car park is subject to a charge during the summer (5€ fo the entire day). 

N'avetan Laituri

Next were going to drive in to the deep south of Sipoo and to the shore. Gumbostrand is a really nice and peaceful village on the shore and there we can find restaurant N'aventan Laituri. In Gumbostrand there is a small school, a volunteer fire department and a harbour for small boats. You can sit on the terrace at N'avetan Laituri and enjoy all of this. N'avetan Laituri also have a cafe/bakery not too far away, so if you're in the mood for some freshly baked goods you might have to visit there too. 

Gumbostrand konst o form 

Now that you already are in Gumbostrand a visit to Gumbostrand konst o form, an art gallery, is a must. At Gumbostrand konst o form you can enjoy many different types of modern art. Gumbostrand konst o form also has a restaurant that is really nice if N'avetan Laituri isn't for you. 

Lemminkäinen's temple 

According to the Finnish Heritage Agency Lemminkäinen's temple is nothing but a naturally formed small cave. Despite this Ior Bock started excavating the cave in 1986, because he belived that an old temple of the prominent figure in Finnish mythology, Lemminkäinen, was buried underneath it. The cave is now, after the excavations, 50 meters long, 4 meters wide and 3,5 meters high. Despite the excavations none of the alleged 987 chambers of the temple were ever found, nor any trace of it. 

The cave sometimes filles up with water, as you can see in the picture, but the site is still worth a visit because of the striking formation. 

Want to see more of Sipoo?

Here on visitsipoo.fi you can find more interesting things to do and see in Sipoo. Sibbesborg, Arava house and its mural, the countless islands in the archipelago are all worth a visit if you're in Sipoo, but you cant fit everything into one blogpost. 

This blog entry was written by Mikaela Björkqvist, an interna at Sipoo municipality.