A day in Sipoonkorpi

2019-06-18 11:37 AM

Södra Sibbo Storskog - Kalkinpolttajanpolku

Getting out and into the nature just to enjoy it really is something special. Sipoonkorpi national park is located in Sipoo, close to Helsinki. It is easy to come and enjoy the park either alone or with friends and family. 

Many locals visit Sipoonkorpi to go for a run or walk their dog. It is a fantastic place to enjoy the outdoors and sumbmerge oneself in nature. 

If you're visiting Helsinki or you have a long layover at Helsinki-Vantaa airport (HEL) Sipoonkorpi national park is really close and convinient. If the buzz of the city or the constant murmur of ariport airconditioning is driving you mad, it can be really nice to get out and enjoy th Finnish nature. 

In this blog post you'll find all neccessary inforamtion you need to know for a daytrip to Sipoonkorpi. Everything from addresses, maps and gear you need. 

Sipoonkorpi national park is easily accessible by car. It takes approximately 30-45 minutes to drive to the national park. There are multiple parkingspots in Sipoonkorpi, but in this blog post I'm concentrating on the southernmost parkingarea. If you do not have access to a car, you can also take public transport to Sipoonkopri. On Reittiopas you can check timeschedules and plan your trip. The closest bustop to the southernmost parking area is Kuusikorvenkuja

Here is a plan for a daytrip to Sipoonkorpi national park along the Kalkinpolttajanpolku trail. 

Kalkinpolttajanpolku trail is about 5 km long and the walk from the parking area to the start of the trail is around 1 km. You can learn more about Sipoonkorpi and the trails on nationalparks.fi

Step 1. Planning. 

A good excursion demands some planning. If you're reading this it means you're already on the right path (pun intended).

Here you'll find everything you need for a day in Sipoonkorpi. There is a possiiblity to stay overnight and do some camping, but in that case you'll probably need more equipment than the few things I have listed here below:

- water bottle
- good walkingshoes, sneakers or hikingboots
- a map

It doesn't have to be more complicated than that! It is really nice to bring some lunch or a snack with you. It could be really fun. Of course you can pack more equipment with you to go to Sipoonkorpi to make youself more comortable, like a seat pad, camera, a lighter and matches to make a fire or a small firs aid kit. But you'll manage with the three most imporant things if youre only staying for the day like I did. 

A terrain map or a orienteering map is good to bring with you so you won't get lost. National Land Survey of Finland has a lot of good maps of Finand and Sipoonkorpi. You can easily access the maps online through Paikkatietoikkuna. There are also many map apps that you can use for orienteering. Karttaselain and Hikepack are great apps you can use to find your way in Sipoonkorpi. 

Here you'll find the map that I used in Siopponkorpi (pdf). The parkingspace is in the south of the map and the trail is marked with blue. 

Step 2. Arrive. 

Arrive by car to this address. This is the southern parkingspace of the Sipoonkorpi national park. There is space for arounf 20 cars by the parking area. There is also a info borad with a map of the park by the parking area. 

It is good that you read through the info board and have a look at the map so you know where you are and where you're going. On the board you'll also find the most imortant rules of the park, regarding littering, making fires and how to keep your dog on a leash. 

Two different trails start from the southern parking area. One is called Storträsk and is a little under 2 km long. Storträsk trail is also wheelchair and stroller friendly. The other trail is called Kalkinpolttajanpolku and it is the one that I took. 

Step 3. The trail. 

Look at the map and around you so you know where you're going. Kalkinpolttajanpolku starts where you came from, if you arrived by car. There are signs pointing you in the right direction, so just follow them. There are also small yellow and later on green and white signs that you can follow so you know that you're on the right path. It is easy to find you way on this trail, even for the unexpirienced orienteerer. Remember that it is still always a good idea to have a map with you.  

The nature around you varies a lot when you walk the Kalkinpolttajanpolku trail. Barren and stony scenery is replacede by lush groves that change in to thick forests. The namne Kalkinpolttajanpolku is  in finnish and meand lime stone burners trail. Because, along the trail there is a old lime stone quarry. The quarry is really old and it is abandoned and filled with water. By the quarry there is also an old ruin. The stonehouse probably used to be a part of the quarry. 

If you're feeling adventurous and know how to find your way in the woods, there is a really cool stonewall northeast of the trail and two giants kettels north of the trail. They're definetly worth a visit if you have time. 

Step 4. Lunchbreak.

On top of Högberget there is a picknicktable where you can enjoy a lunch or snack that you brought with you. There is no fireplace at Högberget, so you can't prepare you food over fire if you choose to eat here. 

I walked the trail clockwise, so the Högberget picknickspot was in the beginning of the trail for me. I had my sandwhich that I brought for myself and had a nice little picknick break. Towards the end of the trail I found the perfect picknick spot. There is a camping area with two sleepingshelters, a fireplace and a outhouse on the trail. If I'd known I'd have brought some sausages or something to prepare over the fire. Few things tastes as good as food prepared over an open fire after a day in the woods. Remember to check the forest fire warnings before you make a fire. You can find the warings on Finnish Meterological Institutes website

Step 5. Getting back.

When you've reached the end of Kalkinpolttajanpolku you've walked the full circle. Now its time to find your way back yo the parkingarea or bus stop. Now this little adventure is over for this time. Remember to bring all you trash with you as there are no litterbins in the park. 

There aren't many things as relaxing as walking in the woods and enjoying the outdoors! 

Check out the vlog from Sipoonkorpi!